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Our registration has ended for the 2024-2025 school year and we are currently full for next school year, however, we do have a few spots left on our waitlist if you'd like to be added to it.  We do sometimes have to use it as we get closer to the school year beginning.  So, it never hurts to have your child's name on it!   

Why Wee Blessings?

The mission of Wee Blessings is to embrace each child as a unique and precious creation from God. We commit to provide an environment that displays the love of Jesus Christ to every individual.  


Wee Blessings provides preschool-aged children with a child-centered environment that encourages learning through creativity, movement, singing, discussion, observation, reading, and playful experiences.  Our desire is to guide children as they grow in their knowledge of our Lord and Savior, while establishing a solid foundation that cultivates a lifelong love of learning.  


The 3 year old class provides a safe and exciting first adventure to school. Christ is put in the center of all we do as children are given the chance for multiple learning experiences throughout the school year. This is a great pre-cursor for the 4 year old preschool class.  Students learn valuable skills to take with them during the school years ahead, as well as learning about our awesome and amazing God!


The 4 year old class goes on an adventure through the alphabet.  Children look forward each week to learning a new letter and sound and a Bible verse that begins with that letter in the Ultimate Alphabet Adventure. Students will participate in many diverse learning activities that correspond to the letter they are working on.

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