The mission of Wee Blessings is to embrace each child as a unique and precious creation from God. We commit to providing an environment that displays the love of Jesus Christ to every individual. Wee Blessings provides preschool-aged children with a child-centered environment that encourages learning through creativity, movement, singing, discussion, observation, reading, and playful experiences. Our desire is to guide children as they grow in their knowledge of our Lord and Savior, while establishing a solid foundation that cultivates a lifelong love of learning.

What else makes Wee Blessings great?

  • Each class has a head teacher and a teacher's aide, making the staff to student ratio 1:6 in the 3-year-old class and 1:8 in the 4-year-old class.

  • Newsletters are sent home to inform parents of what is being taught, items to bring in for sharing time, snack schedules, and upcoming activities. 

  • Report cards are sent home in the fall and Parent-teacher conferences are held once a year in the spring.

  • For the convenience of families with younger children in the car, we offer a drive-thru drop-off and pick-up service.

  • Fun and exciting field trips are planned throughout the year!